How to use Code Security

We’ve just released the first version of our tool that going to help in building security.

The tool’s interface itself is pretty intuitive, but we’ve decided to help you to make first use even smooth!

Index Page

Everything starting from the index page –

Code Security index page

There are four buttons for Sign In using GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Google.
Choose any auth provider to sign up in the application.


Dashboard is a main page of the application. It’s the first screen you’ll see after each login.

On this screen you’ll see some numbers:

  • Number of Users in your GitHub organisation.
  • Number of Teams in your GitHub organisation.
  • Number of Repositories in your GitHub organisation.
  • Number of Alerts that Code Security has generated during the assessments.
Code Security Dashboard page

Your Profile

Profile Page


The Users page

Users page